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If your name is Linda and you are looking for tags, check out my Fotki site! The tags here have either been collected by me and made by others or I made them myself. My tags have my mark on them.

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I'm glad you found your way to my site! With so much going on in today's world, we all need a little escape and mine is working in Paint Shop Pro. I LOVE creating things and sharing them with others and learning new things as well. This site is designed to give you a little information and access to the things I create...and maybe to help you learn as well.

At one point in time I really thought I might one day write tutorials, but as I soon found out, I don't have the patience for it. Way too tedious for me. Instead, on the left I have provided you with lots of tutorial links. Most of which I myself have either completed or plan on doing at some time or another.

To see some examples of tags offered in the past, click here.

For the letter styles I have the Graphic Heaven Yahoo group. Here I share tubes, tags, Incredimail Letter styles, masks, gradients...if it can be used in PSP or Incredimail, I share it here!

TERMS OF USE: All letter styles, tags and masks on this site are free for personal use. They may not be included in any other online collections or CDs. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HOT LINK TO ANY GRAPHICS ON THIS SITE. YOU MUST SAVE ALL IMAGES TO YOUR OWN MACHINE. HOT LINKING IS BANDWIDTH THEFT WHICH IS ILLEGAL! Thanks!



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